Monday, 30 November 2015

WEEK 11, 22 - 26 November 2015

Dear Parents

Sixteen chicks hatched between Sunday and Monday. It was remarkable to watch how quickly these little creatures adapted to the outside world without a mum to show them what to do. We bought a large cage from the souq behind the school to keep the chicks safe and warm. We bought special food from the vet to get them started, but then switched over to ground up maize which we bought at Souq Waqif. We found a way to keep the chicks from hopping into their own food and also to protect them from hopping into the water bowl. It was amazing to see how they all instinctively sought each other, huddled together in the corner closest to the light in order to keep warm. It was also really funny to watch how one minute they all seemed full of energy and just as suddenly they would stop and fall asleep.
The chicks in the cage with some nice dry wood shavings to add warm for the little ones.
Watching the chicks as they move around the cage to feed or simply huddle together.
We took the chicks outside to get some natural sunlight.
Enjoying the sight, sound and smell of the rain!
A new experience! Writing with a quill, just like they did in the olden days. We used blue food colouring as ink.

Our egg people all need a hair cut ... the grass grows super fast. We have started a competition to see whose hair can grow the longest, the thickest, the thinnest, the shortest and which one is just funny. This brings connects to our maths syllabus by focussing on vocabulary for measurement, actually measuring (using non standard and standard units) and comparing objects.

Wishing you all a great week ahead
Kind Regards
Ms Jody

Author Visit

The UK author, Alan Durant will be visiting QA Doha November 30th and December 1st.  We are very excited to be hosting him and all classes from KG to Grade 5 will have a chance to hear him speak. We have sent home an order form to purchase his books and the response has been amazing. This means, however, that not all students will get their books on the day of his visit. More books have been order from the UK to meet the demand and hopefully they will arrive quickly. All students that have bought books will get a signed copy by Alan. We will have Alan sign a small page that we will stick inside the purchased books. 

Saturday, 28 November 2015

WEEK 10, 15 - 19 November 2015

Dear Parents
The children were eagerly awaiting the arrival of the chicks. The big event finally started to happen on Sunday 21st November. 

Peck! Peck! Peck! Chicks use their egg tooth (a small, sharp point on the tip of their beak to break through the shell). This is a special adaptation that helps to ensure their survival.
Hello world! Little chicks need to stay in the incubator for at least one hour to dry out, get warm before they can be removed. Some chicks need a longer time.
There has been much excitement around learning and creating. Many children are using the "water' play tubes creatively. They are working out how to build numbers, letters, horns to pretend they are cows and amazing machines that can produce water, food and fruit to supply poor people with basic necessities.

Using my imagination. Riding on a motorbike!
"This is my tall walking stick," said Ali.
This is a special gun! It can shoot out water on the blue "one" (funnel), food on the yellow one and fruit on the red one. I asked: "Who is it for?"
"For the poor people" said Mohammad.
Pretending to be a bull!
The children have also shown an independent interest in writing. Some are looking at environmental print and enjoying copying down words, while other children are learning to write their own sentences. They are all learning to start English writing in the top left hand corner and Arabic in the top right hand corner.

Sara saw these words by the incubator in the class. They were labelling different items of interest related to the incubating eggs.
Al Hanouf was practicing writing some sight words, capital letters and number.
Rashid used his knowledge of sounds to write a message to his parents. "I like my mum and dad in the earth." 
Saoud was sitting in front of the number line, practicing writing numbers. We have been practicing counting forwards and backwards to 20, recognizing numbers and putting them in order. 

Here's to another good week ahead.
Ms Jody

Saturday, 21 November 2015

Chick Hatching Video

Dear Parents and KG D Children!

This is so, so exciting! Look what's been happening in our classroom over the past three weeks! So far 4 chicks have hatched this morning! A huge big thank you to the Al Sowaidi family for making this wonderful first hand learning experience possible. Enjoy the video from youtube.

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

أنشطة حرف الجيم

WEEK 9, 8 - 12 November 2015

Dear KG D Parents

This past week saw the children continuing to ask questions about plants and their interest in plants is still high. The children have also shown a strong interest in different animals, with the introduction of some plastic animals that were purchased. The children started to group and sort the animals according to where one would find them; reflecting their existing knowledge. It is now our intention to take the children's understanding to another level and to talk about adaptations. How plants and animals have adapted to their specific environments.
Sorting objects according to living, non-living and once alive groups.
Sorting objects according to similar characteristics.
A literacy activity. Listening to animal sounds, matching it to the animal and writing the word.

In Maths we have been working on different ways to make 10. We started by using ten's frames, then counters and pictures. Some children have transitioned into using number sentences. 

It has been pleasing to notice the improvement and success that many children are experiencing in learning their sight words. I would like to recognize and thank the KGD families for their commitment and support of their child in this area of development.

Thank you also to the parents who have brought in eggshells for our planting project. We now have enough eggshells for each child to participate in the project. 

Kind Regards
Ms Jody