Wednesday, 21 January 2015

ASA- Round 2 (January 25th - March 26th)

The round 2 After School Activity list is now placed on the after school activity notice board located near the ECE entrance. You can also click the link below to know which activities your child has been placed onto.

If the activity is highlighted in red, then your child has been placed onto a waiting list and will be contacted by the activity leader if a place becomes available.

This round will run from January 25th until March 26th

Please be advised that the following activities have been cancelled due to low numbers.

Snack Making for Grades KG- 1 on Sunday
Craft for Grades 2-3 on Sunday
Read a story for Grades KG-1-2 on Sunday
Read a story for Grades 1-2 on Monday
Making Garden craft and games for Grades 4-5 on Monday
Book Making for Grades 3-4-5 on Monday
Wool and Felt Craft for Grades 4-5 on Tuesday
Qatari Traditional Ardah for Grades 4-5 on Thursday

Monday, 19 January 2015

Talent Quest Update

Qatar Academy Primary School Talent Quest -  Tuesday, January 2015

 Tuesday 20th January, 8.00am - 11.00am
 Qatar Academy Auditorium
  • KG and Grade 1 - 8.00am to 8.50am
  • Grade 2 and Grade 3 - 9.00am to 9.50am
  • Grade 4 and Grade 5 - 10.00am to 10.50am
Yassin Ayari, Anne-Marie Pigneguy, Rachel Seay
 Children need to wear house colours for the day

Please make sure your grades are seated and ready for the given start time. Siblings
 are only allowed to attend another grade level performance with their parents only. At the conclusion of your grade level division, please walk your children out quickly but in an orderly fashion so we can let the next grade levels and parents into the venue.

8.00 KG – Grade 1
8.00 Introduction and welcome
8.05 Act 1 Al Shaheen (Noor, KGF, singing Bubble Gum Song)
8.10 Act 2 Al Hesan (Nooh, KGD, singing Miss Polly Had a Dolly)
8.15 Act 3 Al Ghazelle (Karim and TJ, KGE, singing Touch the Stars)
8.20 Act 4 Al Ghazelle (Khalid and Aisha, KGD, singing Enti Baghya
8.25 Act 5 Al Shaheen (Hamad, 1B, singing Wadyene)
8.30 Act 6 Al Hesan (Oscar, 1D and Emre, 1B, Taekwondo)
8.35 Act 7 Al Ghazelle (Ayoub, 1B, singing Anti Social Network)
8.40 Act 8 Al Maha (Ahmad, 1C, singing A Problem)
8.45 Judges Deliberate - Last years winner Nadia to sing - Little
 Do You Know – Alex and Sierra
8.50 Presentation/Celebration

9.00 Grade 2 – Grade 3:
9.00 Introduction and welcome
9.05 Act 1 Al Shaheen (Mai, 2D, singing Dynamite)
9.10 Act 2 Al Hesan (Aida, 2E, singing Let it Go)
9.15 Act 3 Al Maha (Lama and Caitlyn 2E, singing Count on Me)
9.20 Act 4 Al Shaheen (Abbie, 3D, singing Take it Easy)
9.25 Act 5 Al Hesan (Wadha, 3E, singing Mamma Mia)
9.30 Act 6 Al Ghazelle (Abdulla, 3D, Playing the Drums)
9.35 Act 7 Al Maha (Haya and Sarah, 3C, singing Shower)
9.40 Judges Deliberate - Last years winner Nadia to Sing - Ghost
 – Ella Henderson
9.45 Announce Places/Celebration

10.00 G4 - G5 Competition:
10.00 Introduction and welcome
10.05 Act 1 Al Shaheen (Tamim, 4C, Playing the Piano)
10.10 Act 2 Al Hesan (Darin, 4B, singing Rude)
10.15 Act 3 Al Ghazelle (Idrees, 4A, Playing the Piano - Fly with
10.20 Act 4 Al Maha (Deema 4B and Al Anoud 4D, singing Blank Space)
10.25 Act 5 Al Shaheen (Sultan, 5A, singing Skyfall)
10.30 Act 6 Al Hesan (Fahed 5C and Ali 5D, Comedy Act)
10.35 Act 7 Al Ghazelle (Tamara, 5E, singing 3 Thousand Miles Away)
10.40 Act 8 Al Maha (Anissa, 5C, Gymnastics Performance)
10.45 Judges Deliberate - Nadia to sing - Skyscraper – Demi Lovato

10.50 Announce Places/Celebration

Monday, 5 January 2015

Hour of Code at QA

In December, students our school had a chance to participate in the Hour of Code. The Hour of Code is an effort to give every child an opportunity to experience computer science. Our preschool students worked with Bee-Bot robots and our older students learned about coding through computer tutorials. Watch our video to see what a great week we had! Look for this resource link on your class blog for more coding links and apps to try.

Sunday, 4 January 2015

After School Activities

***Please be informed that the sign-up form for the second round of ASA is now available and will be accessible until Saturday, January 17th. This round will run from January 25th until March 26th.
Read the Round 2 ASA Descriptions and then click on the link below to sign up

Welcome Back

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

National Day

Look forward to seeing you all in National
Dress tomorrow . Reminder to bring a small plate of food to share. School finishes at 11.00.

Monday, 15 December 2014

National Day

We are looking forward to seeing our children in their National Dress on the 17th. Please bring a small plate of food to share for snack. School finishes at 11.00.  Have a safe and happy winter break.